What is OnionPay?

OnionPay is a merchant account payment gateway built on top of the Voucher-Safe (aka Ascension) P2P digital cash payment system. The purposes of OnionPay are:

  1. To facilitate online merchants accepting P2P voucher payments on their websites.
  2. To provide merchant account services which are cash-like and therefore do not violate the privacy of the merchant.
  3. To avoid the need for merchants to trust the account provider, either with funds on hand or with customer data.
  4. To provide payment clearing services without any transaction fees!

These design features make OnionPay the merchant payment system of choice for online merchants operating in the "System D" alternative economy space.

No loss of privacy. No credit applications. No possibility of chargebacks. No online records. No tax reporting. And no fees! It's just like doing business in cash, only it's online.

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Because of its nature, our site can only be visited using a secure URL (https). And because we're serious about privacy and security, for your protection as well as ours, we use only a self-signed site certificate.

But wait a minute! Isn't that the very thing your browser tells you to avoid like the plague? Indeed, yes. The problem is that whenever a website uses a certificate signed by a CA (Certificate Authority, found in the browser's root certificate list), it becomes possible for government criminals to demand that that CA (or any captive "official" CA) supply them with another apparently valid site certificate. They can then use this certificate to carry out a MITM (man-in-the-middle) attack in order to capture all of the traffic to that site, without detection by either the visitors or even by the site itself.

Egads! So how do we protect ourselves? For now, the best way to do this is by using only self-signed site certificates, recording the key fingerprint of the certificate when you first visit the site, and then making sure that it doesn't change. Our site's (onionpay.to:443) SHA256 key fingerprint is:


And for our payment gateway (onionpay.to:8043), the SHA256 fingerprint is:


The payment gateway certificate is from LetsEncrypt, instead of being self-signed. This is simply so that the end-user customers won't see any certificate warnings, since most have been trained to panic when they see them.

You should also note that no actual funds are transferred using our payment gateway anyway; payments are made using the Ascension network, which is very secure. The whole reason for the gateway's https security is simply to keep merchant order details private, for the protection of both online vendors and their customers.

Yuck, that's a lot of trouble! Yes it is, which is undoubtedly why various plugin extensions have been written for browsers which automate this task for you. For Firefox, we recommend Certificate Patrol.

To learn more about OnionPay, go to our real home page by using the link below. You will need to click past some warnings meant to intimidate you into trusting the certificate mafia. You will only need to do this once. And if the idea of non-CA site certificates really, really bothers you, then perhaps you're not yet at at level of sophistication where using alternative currencies in your online business makes much sense. ;-)

Click here to visit our secure site.