Site shutting down

The OnionPay site will be going offline for good on or before January 27, 2022. The SilentVault wallet system will remain operational, but this merchant payment gateway is no longer serving a purpose. RIP OnionPay 2012-2022.

What is OnionPay?

OnionPay is a merchant account payment gateway built on top of the Ascension P2P digital cash payment system. The purposes of OnionPay are:

  1. To facilitate online merchants accepting P2P voucher payments on their websites.
  2. To provide merchant account services which are cash-like and therefore do not violate the privacy of the merchant.
  3. To avoid the need for merchants to trust the account provider, either with funds on hand or with customer data.
  4. To provide payment clearing services without any transaction fees!

These design features make OnionPay the merchant payment system of choice for online merchants operating in the "System D" alternative economy space.

No loss of privacy. No credit applications. No possibility of chargebacks. No online records. No tax reporting. And no fees! It's just like doing business in cash, only it's online. To learn more, use the About button at the top of the page, or click here. You can also read our FAQ.